Mordhell (Pol) - Grim, Old and Evil (2008)

1.Grim, Old and Evil00:50
2.Repulsive Sexual Perversion01:19
3.Scum of the Earth02:54
5.Piss on Your Grave01:59
6.Shotgun Suicide02:06
7.Total Fuckin Terror!01:56
8.Attempt to Self-Destruction02:58
9.Slag Treatment03:10
10.Sordid Death04:15
11.Absolute Fuckin Annihilation03:01
12.Mass Execution00:36
13.Nekroforest II04:30
Total playing time32:15


Pass: bmw

Si! es GRIM y muy RAW, miedosos abstenerse...

2 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

hey satanes , este disco me lo llevo para mi tumba aaarrrggh! satanik metal fucking hell!!!!!!!!

Norma Lee dijo...

Estoy llegando a un punto en el que necesito asesinar a alguien just to see the fear calling in his eyes, I can see him begging for mercy, he's just a fucking piece of fucking sorry ass crap. He's worthless, but I need to see his blood running down on his face, I think I'll break his head and see what happens.