Shub Niggurath (Mex) - The Kinglike Celebration (Final Aeon on Earth) (1997)

Released by Oz Productions in 2002 in slipcase and four bonus tracks:
9. Lying Durmantis Awaits
10. Zombie
11. The Black Dawn
12. Nightmares From Beyond
1.The Only One Astral Being05:16
2....From the Stars, Nyarlathotep04:52
3.Sub-Human Immortality04:48
4.Abominations of Ancient Gods05:21
5.Unnamable Evokation02:43
6.Inside the Labyrinth of Illusion03:50
7.Legions from Absu04:14
8.Royal Demon01:22
Total playing time32:26


Desde tierras mexicanas el culto maldito!!! El todo poderoso SHUB NIGGURATH, señores ponerse de pie que el mismísimo dios cornudo está ante nosotros, débiles abstenerse de esta joya...

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