Barbarous Pomerania (Pol) - Duch 300 Z Rany (2009)

1.Intro - Hungry Swords Of Wened’s02:40
2.Brotherhood Of Wolfhearts04:41
3.Triumph Of Steel Of War04:16
4.Crying Trees, Bleeding Soil06:50
5.Banners Of Truth And Glory03:25
6.Guards Of The Slavonic Tradition04:12
7.Aristocracy Of Blood And Iron06:05
8.Without Mercy, With Fire In Eye04:35
9.Blood, Sword And Plough04:00
10.We Noble Barbarians04:24
11.Whispering Of Raped Arkona Island00:35
12.Strengthen In Faith Of Slavs02:16
Total playing time48:04


Pagan Black Metal de Polonia, con excelente toma y protesta de instrumentos totalmente de guerra, disfruten!!!

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