Enthroned (Bel) - XES Haereticum (2005)

Limited Digipack Edition comes with different artwork and 3 Bonus Tracks:
11) Crucified towards Hell (2:50)
12) Satanic Metal Kult (3:36)
13) Under the Guillotine (Kreator Cover) (4:10)
Total running time: 55:16

1.Crimson Legions04:42
2.Dance Of A Thousand Knives03:43
3.Last Will03:31
4.Blacker Than Black04:05
5.Vortex Of Confusion07:02
7.Daemon's Claw03:10
8.Night Stalker03:05
9.Seven Plagues, Seven Wrath (XES Revelations)07:13
10.Hellgium Messiah04:54
Total playing time44:37


Excelente Black Metal Belga, ustedes conocen la potencia de esta banda para usar el Blastbeat, en este disco aun se encuentra en vocales Lord Sabathan

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