Moon (Pol) - Lucifer's Horns (2010)

Limited digi pack in the shape of inverted cross and 12” black and white gatefold LP limited to 500 units and numbered.

Cezar - Guitar, Vocals
Gonthy - Lead Guitar
Mścisław - Bass, Vocals
Vizun - Drums
1.Summoning of Natan01:15
2.Lucifer's Horns04:25
3.Torches Begin to Burn03:44
4.Confined in Heaven05:51
5.Zwiastowanie Ognia04:31
6.The Book of Fire04:45
7.Night of the Serpent03:40
8.The Semen of Ye Old One04:55
9.Czarny Horyzont04:10
10.Summoning of Demons03:09
11.Daemons Heart01:59
Total playing time42:24
Esta horda directamente de polonia regresa con todo el poder de lucifer para tocar sus cuernos!!!, nuevo trabajo, manteniendose en la linea de la fuerza, furia, velocidad y BLASFEMIA!

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