Gorgoroth (Nor) -Under the Sign of Hell 2011

Black Metal
Lyrical themes:
Satanism, Anti-Christianity, War, Darkness

1.Revelation of Doom03:00
3.Funeral Procession02:58
4.Profetens Åpenbaring04:26
5.Ødeleggelse og Undergang04:15
6.Blood Stains the Circle02:41
7.The Rite of Infernal Invocation03:16
8.The Devil Is Calling03:01

"Don't fuck with a classic, no matter how much you think you can make it better. Because he didn't. It's worth purchasing just as a collector's item since it's very hard to find and to make you appreciate the majesty and greatness of the original version of this album. Non alcoholic beer may be safer and healther for you, but what's the point then?"

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Anónimo dijo...

excellent comment about this lp. non-alcoholic indeed.

Anmatus Shepperd dijo...

Thank you bro ;)