Vader (Pol) - Welcome to the Morbid Reich (2011)

Death/Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes:
Necronomicon, Magic, Anti-religion, War, Darkness

1.Ultima Thule00:49  instrumental
2.Return to the Morbid Reich03:26  Show lyrics
3.The Black Eye04:12  Show lyrics
4.Come and See My Sacrifice04:44  Show lyrics
5.Only Hell Knows02:13  Show lyrics
6.I Am Who Feasts Upon Your Soul04:50  Show lyrics
7.Don't Rip the Beast's Heart Out03:58  Show lyrics
8.I Had a Dream…03:02  Show lyrics
9.Lord of Thorns02:38  Show lyrics
10.Decapitated Saints02:41  Show lyrics
11.They Are Coming…01:46  instrumental
12.Black Velvet and Skulls of Steel03:19  Show lyrics

Death/Thrash for your soul...
"At this point it’s safe to say that Vader are more than just a band, they’re a death metal institution. Defiant longevity, quality songwriting and an unwillingness to bend or break in the face of multitudes of obstacles and naysayers has secured them a throne amongst the unhallowed halls of the death metal elite, sitting atop the broken bones and shredded carcasses of a zillion lesser bands. Welcome to the Morbid Reich is yet another jewel in their collective crown, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that their sound is anything but mere “meat and potatoes”

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