Blasphemophagher (Ita) - ...For Chaos, Obscurity and Desolation... (2009)

1.Intro / Descending into Extermination04:32
2.Chaos Obscurity & Desolation03:50
3.Perverse Multiverse of Damnation03:53
4.Sign of Blazar Storm03:22
5.Vengenace from Nuclear Abyss03:35
6.Altar of Quantum Immortality03:58
7.Fleshripping Terrordeath03:48
8.Black Hole Abominations03:33
9.Rites of Eternal Horror03:40
10.Ascending to Chaosthrone / Outro05:10

"I’m not going to pick a stand-out track, because I don’t want to, and neither do I find it necessary on a release such as this. This style of music is not for the weak. If you are a false do not entry"

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